Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down with Sudan

We as Sudanese can all agree in hoping for a free Sudan, a Sudan where all are equal, are all free to express ourselves, and live out our dreams.  Yet we continue to repeat the same actions that are leading to the doom of our beloved nation.  It seems that we either do not learn or refuse to learn; we live in denial of the facts which are obvious to the rest of the world but not us.  We think so highly of ourselves; as we have great potential, but have become deluded in our belief that things will just happen because we are who we are.

We blindly follow our so called leaders, although they have clearly shown an unrivalled ability to fail once, twice, thrice and so on.  Where it comes to failure; it seems that the leaders of our so-called political movements have written the book (if not many books).  When will we learn?  When will we wake up from this nightmare?  When will the denial end? 

Since the promise of independence in 1956, our enlightened political elite have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of failure.  Making one mistake after another, in a manner unrivalled and seemingly never ending, since it continues till this day.  Yet, we blindly follow them.  And, as such the blame may not lie with them, but with us, the Sudanese people.  It is us who are at fault; we are the ones who accepted their behavior and continue to accept their behavior.   We are the ones who are holding up the signs saying “Down with Sudan!”

To that I say, and without disrespecting any of these individuals; enough with Bashir, enough with Sadiq, enough with Turabi, enough with alsayed Mohammed, enough with all of you.  Please, step aside.  Behave like elderly intellectuals for a change, put your country ahead of your selfish desires, for you cannot claim to represent the masses because you all are tyrants and despots.  Your party machines are undemocratic and autocratic.  A true democracy can never exist when the political parties it encompasses are dynastic.

Yet, the fault does not totally lie with these people; the blame lay fairly at the feet of the Sudanese.  Look at Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Libya; look at Ghana.  They have learned, they have studied, they have moved forward; but we still linger in our delinquent illusions of grandeur.  


  1. Tunisians and Egyptians lived through long years of fear and humiliation but the will of the people proved all theories wrong. Sudan is no exception but unique in a way that not only the same faces are in power the sames faces are in opposition. Good luck, you have our support and let's send AlBashir and alike next to Ben Ali

    1. Well revolutions were tried in Sudan in 1964 & 1985 but to no avail. It's probably time for something different, maybe a revolution from within, one that is quiet and less pronounced, but hopefully more lasting.